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"My" Mountain Runner Premium Flash Review

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Road Runner

First off, I'll preface what I'm about to share with you that I'm not typically an aggressive biker, except when passing or on a whim ... let's see what she's got!

I shared this in a phone conversation I had with Steve S (SISF) recently.
Temp range 61- 91 deg. F w/ 93 octane, 10% ethanol fuel. 250 mile ride on 6/1/2019 on country backroad with small-town stops (75% of time) and 4-lane slab (remaining 25% time)
• Shifting operation was much smoother, up and down gear range
• Super “warp speed” acceleration if/as needed from 3rd , 4th and 5th gears, via an easy flip of the wrist. Wow; way cool!
• Decreased (less) deceleration popping from my Two Brother slip-on exhaust
• I couldn’t tell any appreciable differences, over stock (i.e., no flash), in the lowest gears (1 or 2), whether I eased off or whether I gunned it. Maybe it’s because the bike is begging for an almost immediate up-shift, from 1 or 2, before it’s ready to turn “beastly”. You tell me if I should have let’er rip even in 2nd gear.

Do I recommend this flash; YOU BETCHA!!!

Not open for further replies.