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National Rally Volunteers


Since, the National Rally is in Canyonville, OR, I need people, who plan to attend, to volunteer to help with various activities, at various times throughout the week. If you can help, please send an email to glenasherman33@gmail.com Thank you.


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At this stage I'm unsure if I'll be at the National.
But, if I do, I'll help out.

To the First Timer National Attendee's;
If you're a first time National attendee, I "highly" recommend you sign up to help.
I'm not saying that in an attempt to make you work.
I'm posting it because it's the best way to meet others.
The work itself is EZ (mostly talking and visiting) and you'll enjoy your shifts.
And you'll meet and get to know a lot of COGgers.
(While doing so; stick your hand out, introduce yourself, and talk with some about riding with them). <sly plan>

Ride safe, Ted
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