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New Flash feedback - 2009 C14

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Hi folks.
A shout out to Steve in Sunny Florida.  I talked to him on the phone after browsing his web site on the ECU flash.  After discussion, we decided on the best option for me was his Mountain Runner option.  Sent out on a Monday, had it back by the weekend.  (Had to ride the old '98 for another week).

My main thing I desired was better mileage.  Three tanks of gas later and I am averaging 41.6-42 MPG.  Prior to flash I was at 36.9 MPG average or worse.  This is in commute traffic, 70+ miles a day, some freeway, some slow stuff.  Now hits the Low Fuel warning at about 190 miles.  Overall it appears to be about an 11% improvement in mileage.
However, the plus with this flash was smoothing it out in lower RPM's so that it actually sounds like I know how to shift. 
I also do not have the popping on deceleration I used to have (I have an aftermarket Two Brothers slip on).  per Steve's recommendation, I am running premium in the bike now (91 octane is best we can get in California without going to race gas).  We are also exclusively on E10 here (and hopefully will not got to E15).

I have to say I am 100% pleased with the performance of the ECU flash from Steve.

I was hoping to get 3 days out of my tank before refilling.  I tried this once now, but too close for comfort.  I got 228.3 miles in commute traffic (3 days), but when I filled up, it took 5.823 gallons, so I did not have much to spare I don't think.  I have not been able to find the fully empty gas tank capacity on the forums anywhere, so still not sure exactly how much gas might have been left in the tank (a 5.8 gallon tank).  I miss the 7.5 gallon tank on the '98, but the performance of this C14 definitely makes me quickly forget this.

Steve also rebuilt and re-jetted the carbs on one of my 1998 Concours, and boy what a difference there over stock.  The bike actually got up and hauled after that rebuild.  In summer (with our better California gas blend) I was able to get over 300 miles of commute on the bike per tank.  Winter time here gets less mileage on our crappy gas.  And this was with running our regular 87 octane gas exclusively.  I have worn out two '98 Concours C10 bikes.  First one started blowing smoke out of the right pipe (#3 cylinder went bad) after over 142,000 miles.  Got another '98 and proceeded o put on over 147,500 miles on that bike before I decided to retire it and get a C14.
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