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Nicky Hayden in serious condition after bike crash


Big Wheel
Nicky Hayden, 2006 Moto GP champion. Now races in World Superbike. Involved in a head on crash while riding bicycle in Italy. His family involved in motorcycle racing for a long time, his brother Roger currently a top rider in AMA Motoamerica series. He's a fellow Kentuckian like myself. Serious head and chest trauma. Hope he can recover soon. Thoughts with family.


Crotch Rocket
Heard this news yesterday...

Fellow Kentuckian here as well, really bummed out.

Such a freak accident/bad deal, hope Nicky pulls thru... Praying for him and the Hayden family-

Who would have thought that a guy who rides 200mph motorcycles for a living would loose it all on a bicycle?


Mini Bike
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Supposedly he is currently in a medically induced coma, and some European press sites are starting to throw around words like "braindead". I hope that's all just rumors and speculation.


It's similar to what happened to Michael Schumacher.  The winningest Formula 1 driver in history gets brain damaged for life taking a tumble on a super easy ski hill and hitting his head (with helmet) on a rock. 

rev ryder

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Oh My!!!
I hadn't heard of this either til now.  It really doesn't sound good at all.  :(  Terrible news.  Calling for a miracle.


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Latest update from Earl himself:


By John Ulrich

My friend Earl Hayden is facing his own medical issues at home in Kentucky and is unable to travel while his son, 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden, lies in a hospital in Italy, mother Rose Hayden and brother Tommy Hayden at his side.

I spoke to Earl this morning, and adding to the family's pain has been a cascade of FAKE NEWS posted all over the internet, including by alleged professional news organizations that should know better.

Earl told me the following:

The family HAS NOT issued a statement that Nicky is dead.

Nicky IS NOT dead, although he is on life support.

Nicky was riding his bicycle alone, NOT in a group of 14 riders.

Doctors DID NOT perform surgery on Nicky.

Nicky WAS NEVER in an induced coma.

Yes, people want to know what is happening with Nicky, a great motorcycle racer, person and humanitarian. But making things up or failing to do even the most basic due diligence or fact checking, and posting FAKE NEWS for commercial purposes?

Have the guilty news organizations even considered the effect their FAKE NEWS has on the family and friends and true fans of Nicky and his family?

To paraphrase a famous quote from the 1950s related to manufactured facts, "Have you no shame?"


Thanks for posting that "Staylo" I just don't understand anymore.
I am hoping for the best, and a full recovery.


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After all the premature and false reports of Nicky Hayden succoming to his injuries, it looks like he finally has. It is being announced in major reputable news sources including Fox Sports, ESPN, and major European news papers. Sad day for his family, and motorcycle racing fans.

Connie girl

Crotch Rocket
              At least when he died (so unfortunate), he was doing his #2 favorite sport.

                                                                          RIP Nicky


I was there when he won at Laguna. Met him the following year at Fontana with the rest of he Haydens. Godspeed Champ !


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They were at Fontana?  I wonder why I am clueless.  I was there to ride and don't remember much else though.