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NO LONGER FOR SALE 2003 Honda Goldwing ABS. 76,000 miles. NO LONGER FOR SALE


Pardon the garbled text below, but MS Word doesn't paste very well into COGMOS.

Price just reduced. In excellent condition. Black 2003 Honda Goldwing ABS. Never been down. One owner. 76,xxx mi. All maintenance either shop or owner complied with. Have all receipts. All recalls complied with. This bike has been babied from the day I rolled it off the showroom floor. Installed Dunlop Elite IVs about 3,000 mi back. They're in great condition. Oil changes every 3,000 mi at least. Frequent clutch, brake, and coolant fluid changes.  Bushtec hitch. 

To outfit a used Wing with everything I have on it listed below at today's prices would easily run near $20K.Accessories
Oct '17  New oil/filter, new front wheel, new front wheel bearings.

Winter '16
-7 main engine cooling hoses replaced and new reservoirAll new normal and bright headlamps  New Galfer custom rotors.  New F4 scratch resistant windshield with vent  New "carbon fiber look" meter panel  New vented belly pan  New right side fairing storage box, release mechanism and cable  New speaker covers  New trunk gasket and aftermarket trunk bumpers for better trunk remote release  Cleaned and re-oiled K&N air filter  Custom seat bolt set for easier seat installation  Checked torque on multiple normally hard to reach fasteners. 

Enormous amount of accessories.  Easily over $7K into the accessories alone. Just a couple minor cosmetic issues.  Most all miles are touring miles. Never commuted on it and no city riding.

This bike also has a Bushtec trailer hitch frame and wire harness installed, the hitch is normally not visible unless included hitch is dropped in for use. Wired for two electric vests with powelets, plug-in battery tender, and powerlet charging for your electronics- phone iPad, etc. in the left saddlebag.
Nicely chromed and lit up with aftermarket lighting and brake flashers. Full OEM shop manual included also. Includes full cycle cover with Goldwing logo and separate seat cover. -•  CB radio      •  Fog lights•  Rear speakers•  Pass intercom/CB controller•  Bushtec trailer hitch/harness. Hitch frame installed. Hitch and ball assy. is removable, and is lockable when installed. Hitch frame and electrical connector for trailer lights not visible when hitch and ball assy. is not installed for pulling a trailer. All included. All you need is Bushtec trailer.•  New wheel bearings at 65,000 miles•  7 cooling hoses replaced at 65,000 miles•  Heated grips•  Driver and Passenger Vest Powerlet outlets. Rear also subs as battery charger input•  LED gear indicator•  LED and readout module Tire pressure monitor•  Passenger pouch•  Custom antenna that takes the place of the two OEM antennas. (Not shown but included.)•  Luggage rack with risers•  Trunk lid organizer•  Carbon fiber look meter panel•  Custom Galfer heavy braking capable front rotors•  L.E.D. chrome trunk molding•  L.E.D. chrome saddlebag molding•  L.E.D. mirror turn signal lights•  L.E.D. battery gauge•  F4 Custom scratch resistant windscreen with vent. Installed at 65K miles•  K&N lifetime air filter•  Tank knee pads•  Brake light flasher•  Intercom wind noise in line dampener•  12V accessory Powerlet sockets for vests, device chargers etc. Left saddlebag for passenger access and meter panel for driver access. Saddlebag outlet hotwired for battery charger use when ignition off•  Two RAM clutch and front brake reservoir mounts on both sides of handlebars for cell phones, GPS devices etc•  Trunk lid "rubber baby buggy bumpers"•  Passenger drink holder•  Aux switched fuse panel•  Full Cycle cover with Goldwing logo•  Seat cover•  Custom seat bolts to make seat installation much easier•  Trunk net and saddlebag nets•  Trunk and saddlebag mats•  Trunk storage unit•  Trunk and saddlebag luggage•  Handbook portfolio•  Chrome fairing intake grills•  Chrome handlebar end set•  Chrome master cylinder covers•  Chrome kill switch cover•  Chrome lower fairing vents•  Chrome gas lid•  Chrome ignition switch surround•  Chrome radio buttons•  Chrome fairing accents•  Chrome passenger floorboard covers•  Chrome saddlebag scuff covers•  Chrome cord clips•  Chrome Large foot kickstand (Duckfoot)•  Chrome fairing molding•  Chrome mirror backing•  Chrome radiator grills•  Chrome nose trim•  Chrome front fender inserts•  Chrome rear fender strip•  Chrome reflector grills for front fender•  Chrome left and right fairing panels. (Fog light/suspension and heated grip areas)•  Throttle cramp buster hand support•  Vented engine belly pan for engine damage protection and improved crosswind control•  Right and left fairing pockets with multiple storage pockets•  Servicing complied with by dealer or self. Have all receipts•  Mostly touring miles. Never commuted on it.  Please PM or email to joesiegel55@gmail.com with any questions.


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