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Nominations Open For Area Director of the Southwest Thru 11/15/2020


COG Southwest Area Director
Good Morning Members of the Southwest!

This coming January, 2021 it will be two years that I have served as your Area Director. It has been a privilege and a pleasure doing so. My wife Pam would like me to step down and give another member in our area the opportunity to run this great area in the Southwest. Here's your chance!! If no one wants to step up then I will have to make a decision to continue. I would love to see one of our AAD's in the different states here in the Southwest get nominated and voted in!!  If you have any questions please contact me or Kari Flint our COG Secretary!

Thank you,


Membership Level: Nominations Open for: South West, South Central, North West

Area Director Candidates

        Both the nominee and person making the nomination must be a COG member in good standing (dues up to date).
        Please verify with your nominee that they are willing to accept the nomination.

You can nominate any COG member in good standing or yourself in one of the following ways:

*  Send an email to secretary@cog-online.org

  *Provide the requested info as per the attachment and mail same to:
                Kari Flint, COG Secretary
                10558 N Crimson Drive
                Hayden, ID 83835

  *Complete the 2021 Area Director Nomination form by clicking this link: https://form.jotform.com/201549147713051. Submission will be sent directly to
    COG Secretary and you will receive an email confirmation.

For the nomination to be counted all of the following information must be completed on the form or included in mailed nominations or in the text of the email. COG member numbers are located in the Membership Handbook.

    YOUR Name
    YOUR COG #
    NOMINEE's Name
    POSITION being nominated for

Very Important Dates

Send your nomination to the COG Secretary by November 15, 2020 or it will not be considered valid.
If there is more than one accepted nomination, there must be a vote by members and the voting period will be December 1st- 15th, 2020.
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