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Now I'm an NT dropper...


My CDA # is 16:a-n. But in 2010, I bought a Honda NT700VA (known as a Deauville in Europe). It was the 73rd 2010 model, built in September of 2009. I bought in March, after deciding that after five knee replacements and pushing being 70-yrs old, TumbleToo, my 2nd '99 C10, was just too heavy. I'd seen and sat on a '08 Deauville in Mannheim while I was "Over the Pond" in '08. When Honda announced they were bringing the bike to the US, I decided to buy one. Not long after I got it, I did the first-ever Iron Butt Association certificate ride ever done in the whole Western Hemisphere. I rode that bike 139,000 miles before trading it for a bike that had SN-67, but only 22,000 miles. Plus it was farkled almost exactly like NT#1. I bought it in the summer of '19 and have finally finished with getting it exactly like I want it. I've added a Russell Sport Seat, Clearwater Darla LED driving lights, and an McCruise electronic cruise. The bike had a vacuum-actuated McCruise when I bought it, and that didn't work well at high altitudes or with headwinds. The electronic cruise works very well -- almost as well as the cruise control in my Accord.

I have no idea how many times I've dropped my NTs. After my sixth knee replacement in '16, it took a while to get some of my strength back. If the bike leans too far, I can't hold it. The last two times I rode it, before today, I dropped it. I was turning left at an intersection with a stop light, thought I could make it through, and the oncoming vehicle sped up. I stopped and dropped it on the right side. Yesterday I picked up the bike from the shop after having the new cruise control and having another electrical issue straightened out. I stopped at a light and when it changed, as I accelerated, the engine stalled and I dropped the bike on the left side. All the way home, about 3 miles, the engine coughed and stuttered and nearly died several times. By the time I was home I realized that I hadn't filled the tank and with all the changes in temperature since September I probably had water in the gas. I added some Startron and then filled up this morning before a friend and I took a 150 mile ride. As I pulled away from the pump, the engine coughed and died again. I nearly it again. If the bike had weighed even a couple pounds more it would have gone down. Lucikily, neither drop damaged the bike and it ran fine all day.

If I would claim a HDA, it might be #1:a-j (or higher 🤪