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OEM C10 Seat Questions


I have a 1999 C10 and am trying to get it set up to suit my "getting older" body!

I don't like the stock OEM severely stepped seat.  I'd like to sit back farther on the seat now that I have Helibars installed, but I can't because of that severe step in the seat.

I saw some seats on 1986 to 1993 C10s that look to be way flatter and not have that severe step up to the passenger portion.  I'll attach a picture of one.

My questions are:

1 . Is that flatter seat in the picture an OEM Kawasaki C10 seat, or is that an aftermarket seat of some sort?

2. If it IS an OEM C10 seat for an earlier model, will it fit my 1999 C10?

3. Does it make the seat height taller compared to my 1999 seat?

Thanks for any advice.


  • 1990 Kawasaki Concours - Flat Seat.jpg
    1990 Kawasaki Concours - Flat Seat.jpg
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The seat on that bike appears to be aftermarket to me.
But, the seat on the early Connies were almost flat {No step} so it may be OEM.
A few of them can still be found.

Or, seat makers, build seats with the step moved further back.

Ride safe, Ted


Crotch Rocket
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The 86-93 seat is indeed that pictured in your photo. Yes all C10 seats fit all year C10s. Same brackets and size.
Here you can see the early seat fitted to a 2005 C10. (image found with a Google search, not mine!)

The early seat is slightly (maybe ½") higher than the 94-06 seat, but mostly because it uses a somewhat firmer foam.
I've had both and at 6'4" with a long back, I preferred the early seat. As you say, easier to move around.
However, I've had a Russell Daylong since 2005 and compared to that, all other seats are just planks.  :)


Boomer said:
The 86-93 seat is indeed that pictured in your photo. Yes all C10 seats fit all year C10s. Same brackets and size.

The early seat is slightly (maybe ½") higher than the 94-06 seat, but mostly because it uses a somewhat firmer foam.

Well, I've got the 86-93 seat installed on my 1999 Concours.  Definitely flatter and doesn't have that steep step up to the passenger portion.

It definitely lets me sit farther back now that I have my Helibars installed, so that's what I was after.  Measurement confirmed that it's 1/2 inch taller than the stock 99 seat.  Hopefully I can still get my feet flat on the ground with the slightly taller seat.

Been raining here a lot, so it may be later this week before I get a ride on it.


I have one of the early seats in my "collection".  I like it better than the later version.  If the cushion was formed so that it was parallel with the ground, I'd like it better.  I just don't like being pushed towards the handlebars.


Well... finally got a ride in this morning to test the 86 to 93 seat I installed on my 1999 Concours.

The verdict:  I LIKE IT ! ! !

It's much flatter over the entire length of the seat, so I can move back and forth on the seat a good 6 or 7 inches whenever I want to change position a bit.  Also, it's much flatter in the front which keeps me from being pushed into the back of the gas tank when riding, which was my biggest complaint.

I do have Helibars intalled on my Concours so that pulls the hand grips much farther back than stock.  That's why I needed to be able to move back on the seat.  Plus it keeps my boys from getting jammed forward onto the tank, which is not comfortable at all.

So, I'm glad I made the change.  All this because I'm not young anymore, but still want to ride a nice sport touring bike when not riding 2-up with my wife on the Gold Wing.
I put an ‘86 seat on my ‘03, because I hated the butt-cup, and always felt the need to slide back a couple inches.


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