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Ortega Highway

The Doctor

So, the original plan for this Valentine's Day weekend was that the girlfriend and I would go to Disney on Saturday and I would go riding on Sunday. Whelp, we got to Disney and most of the parking lots were already at capacity. So instead of waiting in the car for 45 minutes we decided to go back to her place and swap days. (Probably a better plan anyways since it might sprinkle tomorrow.)

So I did a quick search on the ol' Googles, and noticed there's a stretch of curvy road not too far from her place. So I hopped on Idris and away I went!

Quick jaunt down the last couple miles of the PCH headed south (just to say I did), met up with the I-5, then off onto the 74 (a.k.a. the Ortega Highway).

WOW. I was absolutely in LOVE. Even texted the girlfriend after I came to a stop telling her I might need to break up so I can marry this road (Happy Valentine's Day!). It's in fairly good condition (especially the Orange County side). The scenery. The curves. Man oh man. And headed from West to East there's a gradual progression, from moderately curvy high speed sweepers to tighter technical hairpins. Only potential downside was the limited passing zones. But given the two lane mountain road, that kinda comes with the territory.

I even saw some folks on Connies (4 C14's and 2 C10's). So figured if they frequent the forum I'd say hey. And if any of you haven't gotten a chance to do this road yet....

Do it!

P.S. I didn't take pictures cause I was having too much fun and didn't wanna stop. Sorryyyyy...


COG Southwest Area Director
Hi Doc, Jack 2005 C10 and myself were riding on the Ortega Highway on Saturday too! There was also at least one other C10 group member (Neal) that was riding yesterday too!  I ride this road all the time and of course I share your love for it! 

We will have to ride it again together! Let me know when you are heading out that way again!

Hope you ghad fun at Disneyland today!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great: