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Passenger Adjustable floorboards for sale


Hello gents,

I haven't been on here in about 2 years or so. I had sold the 2013 C14 for a Rocket III Touring and then a Kawasaki Versys 1000. Well, I just traded that in on a new Kawasaki Voyager.

When I was a part of this forum, I remember a longtime poster here had shown everyone his adjustable passenger floorboards. Had to have them so I got in touch with him and he gave me the list of things I needed to get. Put them on and the wife loved them. IN fact, I think it's what sold the bike when I sold it!!

Fast forward a few years and I get the Versys 1000. First thing my wife says is it better have floorboards. Low and behold, the Twisted Throttle peg adapters are the exact same for the Versys and the C14, so I set out to create a second set.

My current set has about 700 miles on them and they look essentially brand new. Since the adapters are the same for the C14, I thought I'd post them here as I know they got alot of attention back when I was on here.

Anyways, here's the breakdown of what's included. When purchased separately, everything was around 250-260 plus shipping. I'm selling mine for 70 dollars plus shipping. I live in central Florida. If you are in the area, I have no problem meeting up somewhere.

Kuryakyn Kinetic Mini floorboards (Model 7612)

Kuryakyn Short Magnum Peg Mounts

MFW Vario Passenger Footpeg mounts for Versys, Ninja, C14  (Twisted Throttle)

MFW Vario 30mm extension arms (Twisted Throttle)

I have zero idea how to attach these small files for pictures. If you'd like pics, just shoot me an email at michael.kozanecki@zoho.com

Thanks guys! Mike Kozanecki