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Phil's Rack


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For sale - I have a mint rack from Phil's (Style C - all black) that was on my 2015 C-14. It really was hardly used at all since for long trips I mostly take the K1600GA. It is truly a great rack and the only reason I replaced it was for a different one that incorporates a pillion backrest.

Good photos available - $100 plus shipping
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"Does the rack have the SW-Motech kit installed so I can mount my stock OEM trunk?"

Kawasaki started making their OEM trunks as MonoLOCK, then around 2015 changed to MonoKEY.
Be sure you know which mount the “OEM” trunk is because MonoLOCK’s usually need a Universal mounting plate OR a kit that is hard to find.
Just be aware there can be a big difference in “OEM” trunks.


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Price lowered to $90 plus shipping. It's the all black version as shown in picture #3 on Phil's post above.