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Potential Rides - Seattle Area


You could consider this a feeler, rather than an event. If there's interest, I'll make an event.

Hurricane Ridge opened up a couple days ago. The lodge burned, so they are limiting access to the area based on toilet facilities. I guess the rangers have forgotten what trees are. ;) If I go, I plan to ride to the trailhead at Hurricane Ridge and spend a few hours there before heading down and home. You can look north and into Canada. If you look south, you'll see places where no human has walked. And the road to get there is one of the best.

I haven't been to Artist Point on Mt. Baker this year, believe it or not. This is perhaps my favorite ride and I'll often do it a couple times as the seasons change. You are literally parking on the ridgeline between Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker. Many motorcyclists will ride up the road for the technical riding thrill...it gets more and more twisty as you gain elevation...and then turn around when they reach the top. I won't. The scenery is drop-dead gorgeous and pictures just don't do it justice. One of the most incredible places to go to. And no sweat is involved. It is worth taking a walk to either Mt. Shuksan or Mt. Baker to see things you can't see anywhere else.

I'm also looking at riding out to Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula. This would be a long day for most. Nine hours of riding, not counting breaks, gas, food, etc. It is the furthest northwest tip of the contiguous United States. Isolated. Twisty roads. And great scenery at the destination.

My preference is to go on either a Monday or Friday. Traffic is so much less, and the ride is far more enjoyable.

Is anyone interested? A "Like" doesn't do it for me. You can be in Florida and "like" this post...and have no capability of making one of these rides. :) Not to say you can't come, but I'm trying to gauge the interest in making an "event" and waiting with baited breath for someone to reply.

Again, anyone interested?

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One of the nice things about where I work is the flexible schedule. I can plan accordingly and get a Monday or Friday off.
Both Hurricane and Artist Pt sound great. I've been to both although not recently to Hurricane due to the fire. Just saw you did a ride to Artist Pt, so might do that on my own unless others missed it.
Nobody was interested in going to Artist Point. It was perfect in just about every way imaginable.

I'd like to do Hurricane Ridge still. If we do it mid-week, we'd probably not have to worry about the limit on how many vehicles can go. If I went to Hurricane Ridge, I'd want to take the hike to the hilltop behind there. It's pretty and from the top, you can look over to Victoria, BC from across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

I'm heading next week to Utah and will be gone for 7+ days. Then we have the Ride the Ribbon over the weekend. But mid-September would be a go for me to either destination. The fall colours will be coming out and the hillsides beautiful.