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Re: Shoodaben Mountain Runner Flash

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Big Wheel
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My smile stretches past my ears.
i got my ecu in the mail today after sending it to Steve to get the mountain runner premium flashed onto it and rode for a couple hours before it started raining and i have to say there is a huge difference and i can feel it as soon as i shift into first (super smooth not as hammerlike as before) especially in the first shift as soon as your bike is running.
Theres no more lag when i first get going and i don't have to play with the throttle and clutch to take off smooth (wow)
Speeding up and engine breaking feels smooth and i notice the power coming in around 2500-3000 rpm when previously it was around 6000rpm
Overall the bike feels better than it ever did and im glad i went and got it flashed especially since i plan on keeping it for the long haul and as my daily commuter
Steve perfected a great tune for the c14 and was very prompt to answering any questions i had  :beerchug:
Maybe ill ride up there to hit the dyno one day
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