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Rear Shock for 2003


Big Wheel
I can't find a new aftermarket shock to replace my original OEM.  Looking for Progressive 465.  New preferred (Progressive no longer makes) or good used to rebuild (my mechanic will do all work and seems to be wed to Progressive).  Any leads to source of a shock will be appreciated.  If there's another aftermarket shock vs. Progressive, please give testimony and info to find.  I'm sure my mechanic can rebuilt and install any aftermarket shock.  Thanks!!!


First welcome! I would maybe cross post your question in the C10/Tires & Suspension area, or hopefully a mod might move this to the right area for more attention. Besides aftermarket suspensions, folks have used a rear C14 with good results. Not sure firsthand, only from reading threads in that area on this forum. And if you do happen to take that route, I have one you can have- just pay for shipping.

Welcome again Curt!



If I may ask; What's wrong with your stock shock?
Have you checked the air pressure or damping adjustment?
  Murph sells a kit to service your OEM Shock.

Recently, there was a used Progressive 465 on Ebay.
Just looked, but I can no longer find it.

The ZZR-1200 shock is almost the same length as the OEM and raises the rear only a little.
  The mods are to drill the hole in 1 end bigger and make a bushing for the other end.

The C-14 shock takes the same modifications, but will raise the rear about 1 1/2".
  Installation of a lowering rocker brings it back to stock height.

Ride safe, Ted

PS: I have a low mileage 2003 shock that I removed when I installed a C-14 shock on mine.
        If all else fails, let me know and I'll let it go for $30 and shipping.


Murph doesn't have them and can't get them.  If there are any new 465's out there, I couldn't find them.  I bought mine used on ebay a few month's ago.  I recently upgraded my son's 87 with the C14 shock.  It's a good option for a bunch less.  You can get away with stock links if you have the legs for it.

m in sc

i did my conversion with a 14 shock, its in the post a few down from this one, used lowering links, very happy with result. .