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REMINDER Friday 8-28-2020 Last day to register for Run With the Wolf......


Just a friendly reminder that this Friday is the last day to register for the RWTW rally and be assured a meal at the Saturday night banquet.

If you are on the fence, time to jump off.

I have been to Two Wheels of Suches 4 times this year, so they are open and operating with a few changes due to the "Rona" but are fully opened.

Don't miss out on the longest running SECOG rally with the best riding in any direction.



Dr. Funkenstein said:
I want to sign up but it won't let me!  Will try again later today  I guess.

I had trouble getting on there a little while ago.  Another guy just told me he was able to finally register.  Try again and if no good send me an email by Sunday and let me know you will be there and you can sign up at the rally.