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Remote Suspension Tuning--Best $80 I've ever spent on a bike.


Forum Subscriber
I've wanted to get my suspension tuned since I bought my Kawasaki Concours14 6 years ago and never was able to find someone in my area qualified to help with the settings (everyone I talked to just said "oh, you're too big, the only option is a complete fork re-build" when all I wanted was someone to help me change settings.  I had read half a dozen posts on here and the forums with steps to follow, but it all seemed really intimidating to me, so I just wanted someone to help me set the bike up.

I stumbled across Dave Moss Tuning at https://davemosstuning.com/, and saw that he does "remote suspension tuning" using video chat/facetime.  I signed up for a 30-minute, $80 session.I gave Dave my weight and riding style info so he could calculate some baseline settings to start off with, and had an in-person session with him in my garage.  He looked at my tire wear, suspension travel, rear sag and asked about tire pressures cold and warm and in what ambient temps.  We made BIG adjustments to the front (I'm 6'1, 270...NOT the 150 pound rider that Kawasaki sets these things up for), and both settings on the rear (hell, I didn't even know there was a screw for adjustments on the bottom of the rear shock).  A zip tie on the front shock to measure travel as I ride the bike was next. 

A couple rides, sending him pics of the tires and fork travel and telling him about cold and warm air pressure changes during my rides, and we made additional adjustments, including changes to my cold air pressure based on how much tire pressure changes on my spirited rides.

What a HUGE difference.  The thing rides on rails now, I don't have any issues with the rear end feeling squirrelly on uneven pavement, and my self-confidence has gone up immensely, making rides exponentially more fun.  I ground off half an inch on my peg feelers this weekend, grinning like a madman on a route that previously made me nervous.

Spending money on an ECU flash was great for my engine performance.  Having my suspension tuned was a fraction of the price and has transformed the bike for me.  I can't recommend it enough!


I watch his videos on YT all the time, subscribed to his channel, he's really the MAN when it comes to suspension tuning.  I'll have to think about signing up for a remote tuning session. Purchased a Mototool Slacker V3 digital suspension tool to dial in front and rear sag on my bike and already noticed a improvement in the way the bike handles.


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
Ditto this.

And great post from the OP.

Had my forks redone by Traxxion and added an ohlins to the rear, bought a Motool Slacker AFTER watching a million Dave Moss tuning vids, and still can't get it right.  :truce:

I didn't know you could do this online with him, and that seems like a fair price for having a private session with THE WORLD's authority on Suspension tuning.

THanks for sharing this.  :beerchug: