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REPOST - Full area P flash update available

Steve in sunny Fla

Iron Butt
Industry Vendor
This was originally posted July1. 2018, but was lost during some administrative pruning.

    Shoodaben Engineering is happy to make the Full  Area P System Flash update available for 2018. Several meaningful changes  include the addition of disabling decel fuel cut, a new timing map, your choice of the original or Mountain Runner throttle control, and more power. I will be attaching a dyno sheet comparing old VS the 2018 update Area P flash.

  If you have the original Area p flash, this update is available for just the cost of shipping, generally 25.00 . All  Full Area P System Flashes going forward will be with this 2018 update.

  Please email me through my site (link below) to send your ecu in for the update or a new flash.

  As always - thanks -



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