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Rev 6.0+ Helmet Holder! Tastes Great, Less Filling!


Coggers, thanks to all who picked up one of my Helmet Holders Rev 1-5.  I have a new Revision I am calling 6.0+ for no better reason than I can, and I am trying to keep up some semblance of control in my life. 

Check out the photos for this unit. It still does all the regular things like, hold your helmet securely.  There are two key ring fingers, one of each side of the base plate, three coat hanger holes below the plate to hold your various jackets and rain suits. 

The big difference between this model and previous models is that I made this one a bit longer to accommodate gloves behind the helmet and, I added Electric Blue 3M vinyl wrap to the base which I believe makes it look pretty snazzy.

In case you have concerns about its ability to bear the weight of your helmet and clothes, etc.  On my personal unit I have exactly what is shown in the photo: Helmet, a full winter riding suit in back of a leather jacket and mesh jacket in front, gloves behind the helmet and keys on the fingers.  Note:  I keep my fob in the "V" at the front of the base plate and the helmet holds it securely.

I have several clear acrylic units ready to go, and this Blue one.  Other colors to follow as soon as I get my materials order in.  Price is $75 shipped to anywhere in the US.  CA (Canada not California) and other places a bit more.  Let me know where you live and I will get a shipping quote to you.

Thanks for all the great info on the CoG!

Bob Gilbert


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AmphibSailor said:
I'll take one.  Kawasaki green if possible.  Clear, otherwise.  Let me know how to pay. :motonoises:

Should be here, this week.  I'm getting antsy with anticipation.  :)


Training Wheels
A silly side note for helmet storage. While you're strolling through Bed,Bath and Beyond {I know you do}, pick up one of those little smelly candles that make you smile and toss it in the helmet. The next time you put the helmet on, you'll smile a little and think to yourself; what a great idea that was.