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Ride To Eat

Connie girl

Hey everyone, come out and join Steve at Moe's West (eatery)  of Otter  Rock, OR for lunch April 28 for lunch. More information is on the calender.
Do your own ride to get there and enjoy getting together with others that are also looking forward to a great riding season. Things to do: see who put on  new Farkles, hear the interesting over winter stories with or without the bike and just clear out the carbs.
And enjoy good food!
Yeah....what Eddie said.  Someone get a wheel of raffle tickets. Jo can sell the heck out of them. COG NW gets some extra event money ( I'm hosting a keg social at RWTW Rally ) and someone goes home with some extra cash. Dang....I miss my event helper.
^-^ Jo, how you like the northwet,  the SE COG group misses you  :-*  You guys in her area need to get out and support JO, and she runs a mean 50/50  ;D
Miss ya Jo, glad to see you are still involved with COG and keep selling those raffle tickets ;)
I'm hoping for good weather on the Coast this Saturday but not counting on it - it is Oregon, after all ;)
A Eugene contingent will meet at my house at 8:00 for coffee, we should be on the road by 8:30. Looking forward to a good turnout from the Portland area. Rendezvous time at Mo's is noon but I'm sure we are all flexible. If you plan to attend and haven't told me yet, please let me know. I want to give the restaurant a heads up on the number to expect. Thanks!

I'm coming from Beaverton - I look forward to meeting you & other riders. I wonder if I could hook up with others from Portland to ride down together?
Expect to show up.  ;)
Down in Reedsport visiting daughter Carrie.
Trailered the KLR down and glad as it was wind and multiple water down pours.
Carrie may ride to RTE but wx temp make it cool/cold. I have the Gerbings.
It was a pleasure meeting all the COGer's at Moe's. The ride up and back to Crescent City on the 101 was great, and nice to talk motorcycles with some very knowledgeable riders. Dan, thank you for the tip on the fairing stay, checked the mounting bolt today and it did need to be tightened.
Surprise! Your event host, Steve Mustoe





Jo rides up a bit later

Carrie and Jo
Gee (darn) the camera didn't break after all.
Had a good time meeting everyone and getting to put faces to names.
Good ride both ways, stayed the night in Cannon Beach( got wet and cold getting there)
but  OR really does have a beautiful coastline.
Had an OMG  :a102:  moment when I crossed the Columbia river entrance @ Astoria....!!
What the  heck is that road level  change %..felt like I was on a steep sliding board??!!?
See you down the road
oh yeah :a102:
The Astoria bridge was quite a unnerving ride my first time!
I don't like heights, can do it.
After a few times that bridge is now enjoyable. 8)