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Rules for Industry Member Child Board spaces and Advertising/Product Discussion

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rev ryder

COG Executive Director
Each Industry Member has now been assigned a Child Board under the Industry Member heading which is their own personal Business space within the COG Forum Framework.  Our intent is to create a safe haven for all Members, Industry Members, and Forum Subscribers to discuss products in a specially defined space.  In other words, if you have questions regarding any Industry Member’s products, this is the forum space to ask them, it is NOT the space to ask about a similar product or to ask for or offer comparisons.  In order for this to work well, we insist that all discussion in this section be about the named vendor to whom the space belongs.  All forum rules are in effect with a few additions.  Industry Members remain in their own space and do not comment on one another’s products nor do they comment on threads in another Industry Member’s space.  Remember any posting that is offensive will be removed and poor behavior can earn the poster a time-out.  This is a zero tolerance area.  These rules are currently being revised and adjusted as we study situations arising, so refer to them often before posting and be on your best behavior.
Not open for further replies.