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Russell Fleming Memorial Ride Sunday Oct 3rd. [PA-MD]


COG#9715 AAD
A memorial ride to honor Russell Fleming is scheduled for Sunday October 3rd, 2021 9:30 AM. Meet for breakfast at the Golden Corral in Frederick MD on route 355 south of route 70 at 5621 Spectrum Drive, Frederick, MD 21703-8301

Russell was a huge presence for many years to the COG community and was a long term Assistant Area Director. Over the years, Russell coordinated countless organized and impromptu motorcycle rides. His motorcycle roots were far and wide and included many riders from the AMA. Many of us were stunned and deeply saddened by the news of Russell’s unfortunate fate that occurred June 23rd.

Show up and ride his route as a tribute. The ride was mapped out by Russell and repeats the 2018 Kawasaki Friends and riders event. This ride will take you on some of the FINEST Motorcycle riding roads in the area. Route sheets will be handed out for a scenic 135-mile self-guided ride that will end at Brown’s Orchard in Loganville PA. Leave any time after 10:00 AM, and pick and choose riding partners if you don’t want to ride it alone.

Perhaps unrecognized by many, was the amount of time he put into these events. Russell started early on mapping out the rides with Martha, and diligently stopping at every turn and logging the mileage. That effort later evolved into plotting rides with Garmin mapping software and then distributing the routes to the riders from a laptop before the ride. Russell would also ride the routes a few days before to make sure there wouldn’t be construction or oil and chipped roads to foul up the ride. His efforts in this area were enormous and much appreciated.

Please register for the event so we can reserve the necessary space for the breakfast, and download the route sheets and GPS file before the ride.

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  • Russell Memorial Ride Route Sheet.pdf
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First to signup, hoping others join this memorial ride!

I may try to link FOJ-Staunton VA Saturday and Russell Memorial Sunday.

See you soon,
Wayne, Carol & Blue


I knew Russell from our days with the (now defunct) Blue Ridge Road Riders. I never attended his COG events because of my church obligations on Sunday mornings. I've registered fro this breakfast, even though I probably won't participate in the ride.

Nick Diaz


COG#9715 AAD
Thanks to everyone signed up so far. Please keep the reservations coming. Here is map for the ride. The eat in Café at Brown's Orchard market may be closed due to Covid. However they have an abundance of ready made foods and sandwiches, so no one will go hungry.

RF Mem Ride 2021.jpg