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Shoodabeen again....Hi Steve!

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The Classic Flash

This should just be named after me! It is perfect for my style of riding and is light years away for the factory mapping that comes in the C14.

A little background….
I first installed the Evolution flash and was hooked! Meaty power, smooth shifting, It’s all been said. Great flash! I am also running just the Area P slip-on.

Then the Mountain Runner! Wow! I live in AZ and have a lot of excellent mountain roads in close proximity which makes for beautiful riding. I also have a lot of open, sweeping roads as well, which the C14 as we all know truly excels on. Well, I went “to look” at bikes one day and we all know what happens then. I came home with a KTM Duke to rip up the mountains with, and boy does it do just that! But back to the flashes…..

The Mountain Runner is without a doubt the ALL AROUND favorite of mine IF I was to ride only one bike for all purposes! I am fortunate that I can enjoy more than one, 6 as of right now, and so I got to thinking about the Evo Flash and if I should get back some of that throttle action on the low end….etc….etc….

I go to Shoodabeen and what do I see…..My buddy Steve has updated MY EVO Flash! Now called the Classic, he fine tuned it just for me and my situation it appeared!!

I got my Classic back a couple of weeks ago, and have put about 800 miles on it. Yes, this flash is fantastic. Not better than Mountain Runner, but different. Basically all in the first 10% of throttle. Some other noticed traits such as less decel and such which have been covered.

I think choices are great! Steve has laid out the differences and for some of us the choice may be difficult, but with customer service and the fair pricing that Shoodabeen provides, perhaps try them both if you can.

I am now hooked on my Classic and need new tires…..and an oil change….but I won’t go there!!

Best modification you can make is a flash and the offerings from Steve at Shoodabeen are solid, complete, and just plain work as advertised.

I’m going riding…

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