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Shoodaben is right!

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This past week I has my ECU flashed by Steve at Shoodaben Engineering. I opted for the Mountain Runner Premium. I have zero regrets!

Today I was able to put about 100 miles with some spirited riding on it and I am VERY impressed!

Ive got some pretty tight throttle control, so I wasn't after a lot of smoothing out there. That said, I did notice a small amount of improvement if I intentionally was sloppy from off to on throttle. That's certainly welcome because it allows me to be lazier, lol.

The biggest improvement is I found, and love, is in the low end torque. I’m super impressed with the roll on torque from 3K up. Its a definite improvement over stock. I also appreciate how much more linear the power is between about 4k and 9k. Super nice and direct in that range.

Steve is right. This is EXACTLY as the C14 Shoodaben.  :bravo_2:
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