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Shoodaben Mountain Runner Flash

I have a Scorpion slip on, other than that it's bone stock until this flash.  My buddies '12 is stock other than a VH slip-on.  What I noticed today:  I pulled away from him as soon as I rolled into the throttle moderately hard.  The low end, beginning at about 3700 rpm's, pulls with a LOT more torque (I'm talking lean forward when you crank the throttle torque) and no hesitation.  Up and down shifts are much smoother at low and higher rpm's.  It pulls like a mule and revs feel harder and quicker but not jerky.  I had learned to caress the throttle so I didn't do the herky jerky prior to the flash.  The bike ran like it was on steroids but all the power just felt smoother and more manageable to me.
My riding buddy is a better rider than I am and  ,til very recently,he would wait on me to catch up always.  I've put about 4000 miles on my bike since August when I bought it so I had a good feel for it before and after the flash.  I currently have just over 17000 miles on the bike.  I told my buddy, who is a very competitive rider, that he needed to ride mine now (which I bought from him in August) and he kinda nodded and said, "yeah, I think I'm gonna get that done to mine as soon as I can afford it".
Those are my impressions after a short, cold ride today.  Tomorrow we are going to hit a lot more of the twisties on a longer ride.
That's my current 2 cents worth on the MR flash by Steve! :))


Took my 2009 with the MR flash out yesterday for an couple hours of cold weather riding. One hour of back roads and one hour of basically riding it to the gym and back, the long way.

The mileage continues to climb, despite my regularly twisting the throttle. Although it does drop when I do that, it comes back up when I don't. Average around town is now at 42.5 but I expect a highway trip of any decent length would have it closer to 50.

Also, prior to the flash, I had wound it up a few times in first and second and lofted the front wheel a little. The only time I've wound it up in first since, it pretty much scared me, it came up so quickly. So I have avoided that. But before the exhaust (V&H) the K&N filter, and the flash, I had briefly taken it up to 115 MPH in 3rd gear, then dropped it back.

Yesterday, I was on a nice straight stretch of deserted road and wound it up gently in 5th, quickly reaching 125, and shifted into 6th and maintained it for a little bit. She was smooth as silk and turning 5900 RPM's at 125. I didn't feel like doing any more, but felt like it would have easily blown right past 150 or 160 if I'd wanted to.

Other than that, just getting the feel of it into and around some curves. Definitely feels like a much more stable and controllable riding experience. And coming back on throttle after turning a corner or decelerating into a curve is super smooth.


I got a chance to run the bike through the mountainous roads of Pennsylvania. The bike responds with terrific amounts of power!
After running the bike through different speeds, and gears. Lots of low end gear power. 4th gear is where the power is unleashed with great reserve for 5th and 6th. The engine braking is great!..its very responsive negotiating curves. Very smooth response.