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Shoodaben Mountain Runner Flash


Just returned from the Sport Touring School (Put on by Doug/COG) in Jennings Florida.
Was my first time on a track and so the first time to "really" give the Mountain Runner a good workout.
Most of the riding was done at high RPM's in 2nd and 3rd gear, (with an occasional touch of 4th if I got a curve exactly right.).
Power was extremely smooth/linear. No hic-ups, no stumbles.. Plenty of power.
Roll on from low to high RPM's {out of the tighter curves} was seamless, lots of torque..

What worked best for me was the deceleration.
    I could count on the decell to bring my speed down smoothly without the need to immediately grab the brake.
  This allowed me to decell into a turn, and then add the brake a bit later.

Bottom line: I LIKED IT!!

Ride safe, Ted