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Shoodaben Mountain Runner Premium ECU Flash

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Good morning,

[Short version]
I'd like to add my name to the long list of Steve's happy customer.

[Long version]
I will not be able to give you an in-depth review as I got my 2012 (bought used) C14 flashed after riding it only for 2000 miles, and coming from a Yamaha Fz1, it was a completely and radically experience. I wasn't even accustomed to my new bike yet when it was flashed, so it would be difficult for me to compare how the bike compare before/after the flash.

I, however, had a kind of unique need, that I discussed with Steve, over the phone, for about an hour. I do volunteer, as a Motorcycle Marshal, for the Bike MS Texas 150 (and other training rides) and need to ride my bike slowly (between 15 and 40 mph) for entire days, while following bicycles.

So my main purpose for getting the flash was to get a smoother ridebility at low power/low gear/low speed and I have to say that Steve's work is definitely adding great improvement in this area. I was finding the C14 very "rough" with its distribution of power at low speed and was always struggling when changing gears (1/2/3). These issues are totally gone now... It would be ideal for people commuting a lot in traffic.

I also had the occasion, a couple of times, to open up while getting on the highway and this thing is "flying", super smoothly, but getting you quickly at undisclosable speeds...

Steve's "motto" is right, is it exactly how it "shoodaben"... Thanks again Steve for your great job!
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