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SOLD!!! For sale: drones SOLD!!!


I have about 20 drones for sale. Some of them are brand new in the box and some of the only been flown a couple times. I have everything from quads to hexacopters to Competition Racing drones with first person view. I also have about a half dozen GoPro cameras. I have a Mavic Pro new in the box, a Phantom 2+, and Parrot Racers. Give me a call and let me know what you want to buy because I have a bunch of them.


Street Cruiser
"STOP! Put the drone down.....slowly step away from the drone....."

(A gunshot is heard, followed by a faint cry for help...)

(Time passes)

"Hello, My name is Douglas...and you wouldn't know it, I look just like the rest of you all.... but I have a drone problem..."

(Everyone aghast, looking at each other and around the room, someone cries out "HEAVENS FOR MERCY!!")




Do you have one that's big enough to blow leaves off of my roof?  My entertainment budget is shot but I may be able to get it approved as yard working equipment.


Crotch Rocket
What do you have that is compatible with a Phantom 2 with a Gopro 4 Black ? Batteries, video, controls etc. ?