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SOLD OTP Laptop For Sale


I've got a few too many laptops, so I'm offering this fine example of a Dell Inspiron 1545 up for sale, with all proceeds to benefit the Over The Pond program.  The sale price will include free shipping to the lower 48.  This originally shipped from Dell with Windows Vista.  Vista was crap and being a typical frugal COGger, I have installed the 64 bit version of Lubuntu 18. 
https://lubuntu.net/  For those folks that aren't computer literate, this is a lightweight version of Ubuntu Linux (Totally free....take that Microshaft) that looks an awful lot like Windows XP.  If you're longing for the old days of XP but want an up to date operating system, this would be for you.  This would be a good laptop for the garage or to put the kid or grandkid on so they don't get your main computer infected with who knows what.  Maybe just keep it for yourself.  Another benefit to Lubuntu is that it doesn't take a super computer to run it.  If you're concerned about not being able to use it, I can install a remote control program that would allow me to show you around or help in some way.  I will also show you how to remove it once it's no longer needed for some piece of mind if you like.  I'm flexible.  Specs are shown below in the pictures.  Help me help Over The Pond!  $100 without a battery. (Not needed to operate) or $116.00 with a new battery I'll pick up on ebay.  Payment for the laptop will be made directly to the OTP fund at OTP.USA@cox.net.  This is easy to surf the net with!




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