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Something new... Versys650 flash

Steve in sunny Fla

Iron Butt
Industry Vendor
I've completed and will soon be releasing a flash for the versys 650. Currently it's for the 2015-16 models, but I'll include all, at least back to 2011, soon. I need to do a short video on ecu removal and installation, but it's easy. If anyone is interested, Email me through my site for details. Steve


I have the flash in my '15.

It does some magical things.

In line with his c-14 flashes this flash is all about rideability. A bit more power up top, a nice improvement in power and throttle response in the mid range and easing the jerky throttle transitions below 3k rpm. This latter point is really helpful when messing around in the dirt, especially when on the pegs at places you maybe shouldn't be riding on this bike.

He also reduced the cooling fan on setting by ten degrees to help stabilize the coolant temp.

I have about 100 miles on it so far, playing around on back roads.

I can't ride it for a few days but will be riding it up to the RWTW and Spider for sure and probably the Arkansas rally.

BTW, the Shoodaben sticker looks awesome on my bike.  :great:


Ranger Jim said:
I need to get my V650 down to him so he can do a flash for the 10-14 models.

If you need a place to flop I got ya covered though it's a good 90 minutes or more to Steve's new digs from our place.