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ST1100 ABS/TCS; 49k Miles! 11 gallon fuel capacity;HID;PIAA;J&M;Corbin;Radar;RKA


Big Wheel
Concours Fans: Here's another 'lower' mileage and heavily farkeled sport-touring motorcycle for sale.  Take care and ride safely!



Are you looking for a solid sport-touring/rally machine with a 550 mile cruising range, ABS brakes, traction control, linked braking system, satellite radio, modern HID lighting, PIAA driving lights, heated grips, radar detector with dual air-horns capable of 375,000 miles with routine maintenance?

1998 Honda ST1100A (ABS, Traction Control & Linked Braking System)

$5,000 Accessories and Upgrades
Only 49,036 Miles
Location: San Diego, CA (I may be able to help with delivery between San Diego and Pittsburgh.)
Asking Price: $5500

This ST1100A was upgraded with an emphasis on safety and comfort. Always serviced with MobileOne fully synthetic oil and Honda oil filters at 3,000 mile intervals. Once fitted with a Garmin Zumo 665 GPS, the rider may enjoy commercial-free SiriusXM radio, news, weather & traffic in addition to MP3 music or audio books.

Recent Service @ 49,020 miles:
(Please note the following service probably costs more than a $1000 at your local dealer.

Valve adjustment and inspection
R/R front and rear brake pads
R/R front and rear brake fluid
R/R clutch hydraulic fluid
R/R final drive gear fluid
R/R engine oil and filter
R/R engine coolant
R/R front fork fluid
R/R spark plugs
R/R fuel filter
R/R air filter

Save your time and money by buying a motorcycle already accessorized.
Only those who have accessorized a motorcycle can truly appreciate the time and effort invested.

11 Gallons Total Fuel Capacity (7.4 gallons + 3.6 gallons); 450-550 Mile Cruising Range!
($800+) Ron Major's 3.6 gallon fuel cell with dedicated switched elec. & man. fuel line valves
($500) GIVI E52 high gloss black trunk with integrated modulated LED lights and luggage rack
($140) TouraTech Garmin Zumo 665 GPS Mount on heavy duty mount risers with SiriusXM
($500) Escort Passport 9500 radar detector & auxiliary hardware kit
($480) HID XtraLights Xetronic Digital G2 Lighting System - H4; DBXH4-MOTOCYL
($450) Corbin seat Canyon Dual Sport (not shown in photographs)
($400) J&M CB Intercom Radio, model JMCB-2003DU includes passenger hardware
($300) PIAA 910 auxiliary lights w/ matching housing, mounts & dedicated flush mount switch
($300) Auxiliary front pannier bags with matching Honda markers & ST1100 Pan-Am markers
($240) New Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 sport touring radial tires with 90-degree air valves
($200) Clearview XL tinted windshield/windscreen
($170) SPOT GPS Tracker and mount GIVI tank bag with cover, attachable storage and four mounting points
($120) Kriss Four-way hazard flasher with flush mount switch - should be standards on all m/c
($110) Two Stebel Nautilus compact dual-tone air horns with dedicated flush mount switch
($110) Radar Screamer RS2-P remote radar detector light & siren
($90) Oxford Heated Grips
($90) Kisan rear brake modulator
($50) GIVI trunk liner bag
($60) Bestem pannier liner bags (2)
($65) Footpeg lowering kit
Altered brake pedal to accommodate footpeg lowering kit (machine shop, $$); better ergos
Altered shift pedal to accommodate footpeg lowering kit (machine shop, $$); better ergos
Dedicated switch for GPS to disable power during frequent start-ups while not touring.
Dedicated switch for electrical fuel valve for auxiliary fuel cell; may be used while driving.
Dedicated switch for dual air horns. OEM horn remains functional at all times.
Dedicated switch for the main headlights. Convenience/Polite Option; Min. power during TS'g
Digital voltmeter
Digital thermometer
Knee pads
Paint protectors on body work since first week of ownership.
Handle bar risers
Tank Bag Pad (Protective Sheet)
Battery quick disconnect for Battery Tender
Motorcycle cover and storage bag
Auxiliary 12V socket for driver's electric vest/electrical accessories, high amperage ckt.
Auxiliary 12V socket for passenger's electric vest/electrical accessories, high amperage ckt.
Three additional windshields (Clearview & OEM) of various sizes.
New un-mounted Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 sport touring radial rear tire
Spare new Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 sport touring radial rear tire (pending bead repair)

Images available at the following: (Please be patient with the pop-up ads.)






11 gallons of fuel?  I don't know about you guys, but after burning 6+ on my C10, I am ready to stand up for a few minutes.


Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor
Nice ride. Definitely a full on rally bike in the Ironbutt format. I've installed those aux. tanks from Sampson Sport Touring on ST-1300's and the C-10 of B2. He may be lurking here.