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Stuff happens


I've put over 50,000 miles on this bike and was at the point I would have thought it would never happen. Just filled the tank and was loaded down with a weeks worth of gear and my new riding partner, just starting our Iron butt ride from Indiana to Colorado.  She dropped her glove... I had forgotten that I put the kick stand up... I thought I could reach it... the bike starts leaning and leaning and its over... It all happened in slow-mo or maybe I slowed the fall because once two nice bikers helped pick it up i realized that there wasn't a dent or a scratch anywhere. Ill admit i still pouted about it but it wasn't long until I was making Jokes about it.
Yeah. The one time I dropped mine, I started the engine, then stopped it to take my helmet off and put in ear plugs. FORGOT to put the side stand down, BLAM! Just like that. Glad you didn't hurt it or you.