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summer rally

There is quite a lot of riding time between the Bun Cooler and Ride the Ribbon. What I am suggesting is a casual weekend rally in the mountains during the hotter months. 2 candidates I have as the locations of Republic, WA and Libby, Montana are both smaller towns with plenty of reasonable accomadations and motorcycle friendly. Any other suggestions and dates? I am especially interested in haering from locals of the northern tier or any Canadians on this. My disclaimer is I am not necessarily committing to running it at this point. I have ridden these areas and stayed there. Montana is more open roads with higher speeds, however there are more twisties in the Republic area. Or pick another. Plenty of time now but by the late spring something needs to be in stone.
Republic gets my vote.  That's a beautiful little town, and the roads around it are all good.
I could go with Republic (maybe ride in to Canada)
or Libby (nice ride up 37 to Rexford
1st weekend in Aug would work for me ;)
  I am leaning toward Republic, but I do like Montana too. Any input on must see spots or events. I do not wish to compete with a big event for rooms. Still plenty of time for research. All weekends(even the 4th) are open. The weather is generally a bit cooler(80ish) during summer here. If the local AAD for this region has an idea? Either lacation has multiple drections in the mountains for rides with lots of variety. By checking the local Chamber of Commerce a schedule for the year is easly accessible. Keep kicking out ideas and we'll come to a consensus sometime next month. We should be able to verify and get the rooms arranged and stuff and roads to ride can be put together anytime after that. We could even point and shoot and blame the leader at the end of the ride. That could make the overly organized neurotic. Paper maps, no GPS. Or no maps! Old school.
I will vote for Republic. It twould be nice to see Montana some too. If some one is going to Republic to check things out for lodging I would go along with. I have an extra bunk and it's a day ride from my house to Republic and back.

Also just a friendly reminder if going to Canada, you will need a Passport or an Enhanced driver's license to get back into the US of A.
  I have some information on Republic. I hope to spend time in Montana also but that may be my own ride, unless someone else does one. After checking on availabilty, www.theprospectorinn.com has room open throughout, www.northern-inn.com has a couple of full weekends. The second weekend of July and August is open there. There is also the Klondike for backup. I haven't been able to get a complete picture of the summer events yet. www.republicwa.com  I would like to get any feedback on times and how many are interested. Both of the larger hotels have meeting rooms. I could call and reserve a block for a while when we settle on a date. Check the links.
Nice riding all across that area you could also make it a loop ride and hit both Republic and Libby.

Tim R, I'm in Tricities, where are you?
I'm in Bothell, north of Seattle. There are a lot of roads in the Republic  area and a couple of free ferries too. Libby is a long day ride, I would actually enjoy spending more time in the state. I did a loop that included Glacier, Lolo, Rattlesnake, and fireworks in Pendelton once. Motel prices are about $60 and up in the 2 larger one and a bit cheaper at the Klondike. There is camping in the area too.

Fourth of July week has often been the only  week I can get loose to ride a whole week.  Spent Fourth of July in various years in Enterprise, OR, Kalispell, MT, and on the Norcal Coast.  One trip I camped at Metaline Falls on the third and the next morning heading east to Kalispell rolled through some little town in ID where the whole town was lining the highway which was the main street--I was the last vehicle through before their parade.  If you go on a ride on the 4th you should carry some flags and bunting, never know when  you might stumble onto a parade you can join.

On July 3rd, at Big Lake on hwy 9 just east of Mt. Vernon they have fireworks a day early. I've rode up and parked by the restaurant.
On 4th of July week rides I've learned that the roads are pretty empty on the 4th.  Seems like on that holiday people are more likely to go to their local favorite place instead of taking a longer trip.  Only concern I've have on some rides on the 4th is gas stations closed--see gas, buy gas--is a good practice on that day.

Lots of great camping places in that area too.  And if I get as far east as Kalispell I'll camp at my riding buddy's place.  However, the work schedule that is shaping up for this summer may not leave much time for an Independence Week Ride.  Time will tell.

I rode through Yaak and through Libby and around the reservior north of there a number of years back. It was nice ride. Post it on the ride calender. I know Republic shoots it's fireworks on Lake Curlew north of town. I will have to settle on a date for the weekend  this month or March. #rd weekend has a car show in Wacounda and Inchilium days, neither should affect rooms. That weekend has a re-union staying at the Northern Inn. I figure on a friday to sunday thing, but if some want to stay on the road it is a good start for a northwest tour.
So there is talk about a Stevenson rally in July. Republic could be the first weekend in August. After the Bun-Cooler maybe we could get a poll of nterest. Republic would be show and get a room for Friday and Saturday night, informal. It is a good ride to an from fir a one nigheter for those with only 2 days off.
There is still some penciling about this and Stevenson or both. Everyone is concerned about the Bun-Cooler right now. Between that and Reedsport isn't that urgent but the more feedback the better. It is about all that empty space on the ride calender between. Not a problem to pick a weekend with some hotel availability and get a few rooms held.