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Sunrise Cantina RTE Sept 23- Sunrise Beach MO


Arrival at 12 Noon

Sunrise Cantina
264 Sunset Hills Dr, Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
(573) 374-8185

(This is the Famous meet in the middle with the St Louis and SC Folks)  coupled with a ride to Peach Float (Scott’s General Store)- Iconium MO

Arrive hungry folks! we're doing a 2nd stop on this run for desert!

Meetup will be at Quik Trip at 71HWY and 150HWY in Grandview across from Gail's Harley Davidson.  Kick Stands up @ 9:15am

Here's a route from QT to Sunrise Beach  https://goo.gl/maps/5yNAY5rAJCF2 

Here's a good bike route from the Cantina to Iconium  https://goo.gl/maps/GrjMopyuTds

This is a good desert stop. Ask for a peach float!! (Peach NeHi and vanilla ice cream)



3 Days away. Weather looks to be a hair shy of perfect! ;)

Folks if you have not done this run, I encourage you to give it a shot. It's great riding and great food combined. I know Lawrence from Louisburg won't miss this run. He did it when it was over 100!.  :-\

I'm breaking away from remodeling and final stages of moving. I need a break! For some reason I decided to do this move on my own. I managed to get everything moved except a few larger items that need at least 2 able bodies. I'll be paying for this for months to come. Already stacked up appointments with my Chiropractor.

Hope you make it our folks. I sent an email blast on this run. If you did not get it, that means you're not on the email distribution list. If you want on it, PM me with your info and I'll add you.

Take care and hope to see you this Saturday


Can't make this one. School stuff today.

I told Lisa it was Sunrise Cantina & she almost abandoned me for the food. Have a nice big burrito for us. Take care & ride safe.


Fantastic day for a ride today. Food was awesome as usual. I tried the Carne Asada instead of the Lobster Taco's. Was pretty good. Was riding fairly spirited to Iconium for dessert (PeachFloat) when mamma Deer and baby deer decided to cut across the road. Saw mamma and figured there'd be tag alongs so I braked to just about a stop. I'm glad Lawrence saw me brake and saw the deer as well so we all came out ok including the deer.
That was the only event on the trip. All in all it was about 355 miles for me.

That about wraps up the year unless weather holds out and something spontaneous crops up. If so, I'll be sure to send out an email blast.
If there's a ride you'd like to get the group in on let me know