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SWAD Elections


Sent this out in an email blast. Hope all the members rec'd.
Hello SW COG,

            Mark Hartman your ever grateful South West Area Director here. I hope this finds you all in a happy place. It is time for the SWAD elections, Your nominees are all AAD’s and are as follows:

Keith Williams CAAAD COG# 12077

Russ Saunders CAAAD COG# 9585

Jeff Hamilton CAAAD COG# 10578

Dan Charboneau AZAAD COG#11182

Terry Defreese UTAAD, Rob Jamieson COAAD and Ted Reichelt NMAAD were unable to accept this nomination at this time but they are all deserving as well.

            Each one of these fine young warriors has held events in their respective areas with success and helped in events in other areas as well as future planning. I believe each and every one of them will be a great leader moving forward with fresh ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm.

            Each has been threatened with this nomination and none told me to take a flying leap at a rolling donut so I consider that acceptance.

            To vote drop an email note to secretary@cog-online.org include your area, your vote, your name and COG# by December 15 to be counted. Now this isn’t Florida so your vote will count.

        I hope you all have a safe Holiday and hope to C U all on the road in the future.

Mark Hartman

COG/SWAD (Current)


COG Southwest Area Director
Thank you all for electing me your new Southwest Area Director! I would like to thank all the Southwest voters!

There will not be anyone better than Mark Hartman as an Area Director but i will do my best to continue his great leadership!  ;)

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great:


Staff member
Congrats Russ,
Thanks for tagging the video from the 2014 SW regional, brings back memories. :beerchug:

Look forward to more rides with ya brotha.....