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The Durango Colorado Un-Rally is in the books.

jim snyder

Well our Durango "Un-Rally" to Colorado/Arizona is in the books. We had eight riders for the week. We rode in some of the most beautiful roads and scenery imaginable. We are loaded up and ready to head back to Texas. Thanks to all who attended. I'm sure more folks will post pictures as they arrive home.
P.S.- Arizona needs to do something with their roads, the tar snakes caused several level 10 pucker factor issues. It will take me an hour with a steam iron to get the pucker spot out of my seat.
P.S.S. - Yes we wore our masks as required and stayed atleast 6 ft apart while riding.


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COG Southwest Area Director
Glad you guys had a great trip! The Southwest is a beautiful place to visit and to live! Tar snakes! I hate em" Arizona has some bad ones but the worst are in Utah! Oh well next trip! Thank you for sharing the photos and sites Jim!!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great:

Just Cliff

Glad you guys had a good time even though I bailed on you. If you think the tar snakes are bad in AZ, just go to UT they're horrendous!


Home safe and also sound... A GREAT time was had by all..

Thanks to all that helped us make this ride possible.
Particularly Robert, Steve, and Pat..

Now going into a 14 day self isolation...
Or, until the hurricane passes..
  {whichever comes first}  :-X

Ride safe, Ted

Ride safe, Ted