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Tim taylor disease


Hello I have finally became a full member and wanted to intoduce myself

I have come to realise after all these years i have tim the toolman taylor disease and have to modify everything i own

Several months ago I got a 2016 c14 with 14k miles on it, the bike had several issues with it, i spend many hrs with steve sefwick trying to diag what was going on, and we finally figured it out that bike has a 2011-14 ecu and the peogramming must be slightly different between the 2nd and 3rd gen bikes

Well now that got bike running right might aswell build an engine for it...

Bought a 2014 engine with 7k miles on it, so list of mods are
JE 13.5/1 zx14 pistons
07 X14 exhaust cam with springs
Full race port and polish head
Oil pump mod
Zx14 full hindle exhaust
SHoodenben hammer tune
Zx14 forks racetech internals
Ohlins rear shock
Kawi touring seat

Really looking forward to taking some long trips this year i did get to ride it about 3500 miles last year before winter set in