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Tip Over Bars New Stock at Murph's kits


Big Wheel
Forum Subscriber
Just bought some Tip Over Bars from Murph's Kits

They ran a batch for the 1000 cc Concours
in Aug. 2019 .

contact oscar@murphskits.com


With luck they will be able t fill my back-order -- wonder if I should be a pest and ping them, or just assume they'll fill all the back orders -- everything else they have in stock shows up as fast as Amazon (I think I'll just wait a bit and see).


Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor

as far as I know all back orders have been filled, you should have received an email with the tracking info .. if not drop a note to the store please



Murph said:
you should have received an email with the tracking info ..

Yes I did and Thanks -- just did't know what was in the package since I seem to find something to order off your site ever few days ...  ;)