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Two Airbag vests for sale (1 Adult and 1 Child)


Helite Airbag Vest Size XL Hi-Viz (according to the size info on there website 5'10"-6'5" Height and waist 36-41, and chest 39-41) In very good condition. Never deployed. Slight areas with road grime around collar and such. New they are $679. Buy this for $450.00 plus shipping.

Link to info: https://helitemoto.com/helite-turtle-airbag-vest-hi-viz/

Hit-Air Airbag vest for younger rider. Size S Black (according to the size info on there website 5'3"-5'9" height and waist of 27-32 inchs. This in my opinion is for someone between the ages of 9-15 depending on size. Very good condition. Never deployed or down. New they are $549. Buy this for $325 plus shipping. Great protection for younger riders that do not have full gear.

Link to info: https://air-vest.com/hit-air-vhr-light-weight-fast-inflation/

Both from non smoking home. Both used very little. If you want both price would be $725
plus shipping. Atlanta area.



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