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For Steve's Mountain Runner Flash. I have no clue how he does it but it's muy bueno. Money well spent.  Thanks Steve. :great: :great:


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Same thoughts here. I've been out a few times now and love the improvements the mountain runner flash has made.  There's much more torque across the rev-range, especially down low to mid rpm.  I notice more punch on the top end too.  Shifting is very smooth now.  I don't have to make an effort to transition between gears.  This is really nice especially when riding with my wife.  She even noticed the improvements.  Definitely money well spent.  Thanks to the beta testers and your expertise Steve!  :great:


Training Wheels
Steve is awesome to work with - and he does treat his customers like - CUSTOMERS - which is not so common today.

I recently sent Steve my carbs from my well-traveled  97 Concours (Fat Bastard), and Steve suggested I might enjoy his flash on the ECU of my 2015 Concours (Fast Bastard).

Steve informed me how to ship, how to package, and he kept me informed via email of my package status, including when he shipped my packages for return.

I have, due to weather in Central Illinois, only been able to ride my Mountain Flash for 30 miles or so, but I am very happy with the noticeable improvement in smoothness at the throttle, which was my major issue with mother Kaw's initial software.

I will post my more in-depth impressions elswhere, but wanted to drop into this thread as well.