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Veteran's Day Ride 2022


Jami and I are going to take over the planning for the Veteran's Day ride. We plan on keeping it in Laughlin, we like that area, but we weren't real impressed with the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall.

I was going to look into Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort. Google is currently showing $104 a night, without the COG discount. :) Not sure what that will be yet. Thoughts?

How many of you plan to go this year?



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I would plan to be there. I wanna hang out with the cool kids.


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I’ve wanted to do this one for years, and this year have the time off and am hoping to make it. I’ve heard the roads are awesome, but you need to watch out for jackasses.
Jami and I strolled through Laughlin yesterday on our way to Vegas. The Pioneer is our best bet. All the other places are jacking up their prices because Laughlin has a big concert on Veterans Day weekend. Last year it was Darius Rucker, this year it is Toby Keith.

The Pioneer is centrally located, does not have a resort fee, it’s a $75 deposit you will get back unless you trash the room, and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy.
$33 for Thursday
$49 for Friday and Saturday.

I booked our room for the 10th-13th…$147.37. They reserved 14 other rooms at that price, you don’t have to stay for all three days. Ask for Lourdes she is the hotel manager, mention my name or COG. She works Wednesday through Saturday. (702) 298-2442.
I'm trying to talk a buddy into going. He is a first year MSF trained rider at 59 years young. We are both USAF vets and I plan to trailer both our bikes from Hesperia to the hotel in Laughlin. Then we can ride in the area during the event. He is interested in joining COG with dreams of eventually owning a Connie. For now I got him started on a Ninja 300, did his initial training early this summer (I'm a former military MSF instuctor) and then sent him to the MSF course in Colton which he easily passed.

Now it's time for him to mingle with some good folks considering he is a member of the Kawi family. All we have at work are guys that ride coughing and weezing V twins that the riders spend more time polishing and talking about than riding. But that doen't stop them from giving both of us endless chit and polluting his mind myths and fables about glory found in being a member of the church of HD. Cults are not our thing, but they persist none the less....
Let us know you're gonna be there and we might buy enough lobster for everyone. :)

Lobster?!? They are bottom feeders. Prime Rib, now that's a meal worthy of C10 and C14 riders. Let the Tesla drivers have all cockroaches the sea floor can provide! 🤣

OK, OK, I'll behave if I must. To each his own....eat what you will.
Crazy week at work coming up, but I'm coming anyway. I can't believe how much I need to get some road time!
I think I'll be heading south from Santa Cruz on Thursday afternoon -- probably overnight in Bakersfield or Buttonwillow. Friday I'll take the long way around and ride up to Lake Isabella, then down into Mojave and over to Laughlin. See you all there.
Anyone planning to join and who has not yet booked a room at The Pioneer may want to do that TODAY.
Lourdes is able to get you the $49 a night rate, but she‘s on vacation after today. The online rate is on sale, but ends up being about $10 a night higher than Gumby was able to negotiate if you talk to Lourdes.
See you all on the river.
The silver lining to my unfortunately being unable to attend this awesome Veterans Day ride and gathering is I was able to spend some of my Veterans Day volunteering at the Merced Field of Honor.

2022 Flags honoring Veterans and First Responders. Most flags dedicated to specific Veterans, Active Duty Military members or First Responders. Families, friends, community, businesses and organizations stepping up to honor those that serve.

Some pics from my phone.

Hope the wind settles and you get to enjoy the curves and donkeys. I miss you all.


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Just got home about from a terrific Veteran's Day Rally at the New Pioneer Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada! Had a super time with wingman Jay and cast of great riding characters that came to the rally! Ride up was very cool with spirited riding and it just continued Saturday after a very good breakfast at Mr. D's on historic Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona and traditional ride out to Oatman and Golden Shores on historic Route 66! Never seen it so crowded in Oatman with many bikers, locals and tourists jamming into the mining town with the furry burros! Pizza, beverages and catching up talk dominated the evening and a fun trip home made it fantastic! I think we had 9 riders and 10 persons with very good weather included! Thank you Tom and Jami for putting on this very patriotic fun rally! See you all next year! Enjoy some pictures! :D 🏍️ (y) 🇺🇸

Picture 1- Palm Desert, Ca. from the Pines to the Palms Lookout
Picture 2- Palm Desert, Ca. from the Pines to the Palms Lookout- Fantastic road!
Picture 3- Mr. D's Diner in Kingman, Arizona
Picture 4- Jay in Oatman, Arizona
Picture 5- Oatman, Arizona


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More Pictures!

Picture 1- Oatman, Arizona with Dan B and Dan C.!
Picture 2- Oatman, Arizona with Jay in the foreground!
Picture 3- Bike lineup in Oatman, Arizona with Tom left and Mark right!
Picture 4- Famous Burros in Oatman, Arizona
Picture 5- From outside my Hotel room at the New Pioneer Hotel in Laughlin, Arizona

Look for many more pictures from the other Southwest riders!


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Another excellent trip and no burrows injured or assaulted!😘


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Who has the Relive video for this ride?


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