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Volcano Ride 2022

charlie gary

"Special" Assistant to the NWAD
August 6th, 2022 is the date for the next Volcano Ride. The starting point will be the Little Crane Café in Vader, WA. Meet to eat at 8:30, and we intend to depart at 9:30. Show up with a full tank of gas and an empty stomach. As soon as it's on the calendar I will include a link so folks can get all the details and register for the ride.
Today was beautiful weather for a ride out to Mt. St. Helens plus other scenic curvy roads on the west side of I-5. At the beginning we had 11 people riding up to Johnston Ridge Observatory and back down to Castle Rock, and then we began to shed the ne'er-do-wells. Three left before lunch, then three more after lunch. The Final Five finished the planned route after riding about 95 miles to go about 60 miles as the crow flies.

This shot was from about 18 miles away from Mt. St. Helens.

Ride participants standing in the way of the view of Mt. Adams.

Ride participants standing in the way of the view of Mt. St. Helens.

Thanks for sharing great pics! I was hoping to join this for the 25th anniversary, but the C14 front rotors I ordered from Murph's didn't come in yet. Ended up going in the opposite direction to Mt Baker/Artist Point on my new Yamaha Tracer 9 GT!
It was a great day and a great ride. As I was getting a wonderful hug from Nancy at the restaurant, it was good to be back with friends.

A taste of things to come. Mt. Rainer in the background, sitting 14,000 feet above where I was.

The scenery Charlie led us through was wonderful.





I was fascinated by this view. Blow it up to full-size and just take in all the textures from the grass in the bottom center starting to grow, to the cut out river banks, all leading up to the dome in the crater.

FWIW, when I was in the 9th grade, I climbed the earlier version of Mt. St. Helens. As we crossed the crater, I was thinking, "This is an active volcano. What would it be like if it blew up." Obviously, it was years later when that actually happened.

Thanks, Charlie for a great ride up and down the mountain. I had not been there for a dozen years and had never been on those north roads on the way up to the St. Helens Hwy.
With scenery like this. It'd be a great idea to hold a National Rally in the PNW so others could see places like this. ;)