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Weekend Ride


Crotch Rocket
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Went for a ride with some friends this weekend.
Went to a local bike hangout so here are some pics of the more unusual bikes there (for the UK).



  • Black Shadow.jpg
    Black Shadow.jpg
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  • BMW R50_5.jpg
    BMW R50_5.jpg
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  • BMW R75.jpg
    BMW R75.jpg
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  • MT-10 Indian CB1300.jpg
    MT-10 Indian CB1300.jpg
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Crotch Rocket
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Some more pics.


  • Honda CB200.jpg
    Honda CB200.jpg
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  • Magni-MotoGuzzi.jpg
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  • Otto.jpg
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  • Harley.jpg
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Crotch Rocket
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Bob_C_CT said:
Nice pics Boomer. Is that your C10, nice color and plenty of lighting.
Thanks Bob, yes that's Otto, my 89. Resprayed by mine own hand and yes probably too much lighting.  :rotflmao:
It became an obsession after spending several years commuting down dark country lanes.
Now low beam is as good as my C14,... and high-beam makes daylight look weak and wimpy.  :great:

I have 2x 10W LED on the forks, 2x 10W LED on the mirror mounts, 2x 20W LED on the upper crash bars all wired to come on only with high-beam.
I also have 2 headlights (low and high beam) mounted inside the crash bars that are H4 LED 25W/4000 lumens each and the main headlight has an H4 35W/6000 lumens LED.

I have 2 flat turn signals on each side in addition to the normal turn signals, have a high level brake light built into the trunk, and have replaced the rear reflector with a reflector/running/brake unit like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/BJ-Global-Universal-Reflector-Motorcycle/dp/B06XCPRXW5

In addition the forks have 3w LED strips on them and the 2x 20W LEDs have halos, all of which are always on.

Combined with the colour, now nobody can say SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn't See Ya) as it's now obvious that they just didn't look.

I would now like to humbly submit my application to Farklers Anonymous and admit that I have a problem.  :rotflmao:


COG Southwest Area Director
Great pictures Boomer! A lot of fun looking at each one! Nice C-10!! Love the color and what you have done to it!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great:


Sheesh George!  I think I saw your lights over the horizon a few days ago :rotflmao:
Nice collection of bikes.
In the "you appreciate it too late" category: my first bike was a 1974 R75/6. with the large tank, and the kickstart.
Only recently have I realized how rare that bike was. The tank for starters, and the kickstart to finish. I've actually had people argue with me that it wasn't a /6 if it had the kickstarter.
I also defined shaft-jacking effect; I can only imagine how a R90S would have felt!
That Magni, is that to Guzzi what Buell was to HD?

Thanks for the great photos...btw, how's Orinoco?


Crotch Rocket
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Hi Jorge,
Yeah, kinda similar to what Buell did with HD motors but Magni built bikes based on MV, Honda, BMW and MotoGuzzi engines.
Magni are an Italian company who sell low volume, high spec, high priced motorcycles.
Arturo Magni designed the "Parallelogrammo" rear suspension linkage to neutralise the shaft jacking on the Moto Guzzi LeMans 1000.
The one in the photo is a Sfida 1000. Only 38 of those were made so it's now worth a small fortune.
If you look closely you will see a parallel bar swingarm setup similar to the C14s (guess who Kawasaki copied?).
Believe it or not, that bike was new in 1989 so it's actually the same age as my C10.  :rotflmao:
It does have a LOT less miles though (13000 vs 194000 for my C10).

Orinoco is currently sat on a shelf in the garage watching over the bikes.  :)