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west side ride


I want to host a Hood Canal Loop ride on August 21.I havent posted a ride before or hosted one but I have been assured that I need only give

  Well,we had the ride,good breakfast and the westyer was perfect,a little cool to start and after reaching Shelton,I went my seperate way to visthe details and it will happen.So,meet at 9 am at Chimacum Cafe on Rhody Drive , Hwy 19 ,in Port Townsend near the Chimacum High School,again ,SUNDAY,AUGUST 21 for breakfast and then depart for loop around Hood Canal.  it a friend in need,well worth it.So it was a good 1st run and will improve with idea-sharing.There is a lot of space to explore over here.I will do it agaim soon as a start off point.Thanks to those who came and it will get better.  Jackson Carney  5442 ;)             
Nice,  :beerchug:

Get Charlie to post it on the official event calendar.

We did a loop ride several years ago from Tacoma (maybe you where there?) up to on 16 Purdy then down Belfair and 106 to Union, up 101 to Port Townsend and lunch then some riders took off via the ferry to Keystone, some to Edmonds further sound and some to Bainbridge.  Some even took the road to Seabeck and then Dewato road to Tahuya and then North Shore back into Belfair!  (me!) It was a long day but a great ride.
Its a great ride.  I realy enjoyed hosting the "Hood Canal Bike Wash" last year.  I can't make Sundays though.  too bad.
Here's the listing on the calendar.

My turn to waffle  :smiley_confused1:
I have the day available but will be in Leavenworth Sat for the Nash rally.
So may not get back Sat eve driving the 50 yr old 61 Rambler Classic!
hey I used to have a 59 rambler that used 4 quarts of oil a week! it was a light turquoise with a green roof,no radio but 2 big plastic blanks on the dash that looked like coofee mug lids
Bought then wife a 59 Rambler black and pink wagon in 1978, She loved it, more than me it seems!  :p

looper said:
hey I used to have a 59 rambler that used 4 quarts of oil a week! it was a light turquoise with a green roof,no radio but 2 big plastic blanks on the dash that looked like coofee mug lids
It's only taken forever, but I finally uploaded my pics.  The only drawback to my camera is I can't take pictures while I ride, and COGers don't seem to stop long enough to allow digging out a camera, shooting pictures and putting it all away again.  If it ever comes off of backorder I'll have one that does video I can pull individual frames from for stills, which will be much better for action photos.
  Anyway, thanks to Looper for taking the initiative to put on a ride.  It was a typical cat herding situation with 4 of us meeting and eating at the Chimacum Cafe Sunday morning, and then Mitch showed up as we were finishing.  After jawing and posing for pictures we rode south out of town on Chimacum Center Rd., eventually winding up southbound on Hwy. 101.  We stopped at a store for a few minutes, and I realized if I took more pictures it would be the same people doing the same things as in the previous pictures, so I stopped worrying about it.
  We continued south, and after reaching the point where we no longer had water on the left side four of us turned east on State Hwy 102, and Looper went back north to show some gravel roads who was boss.  You can do that with a KLR.  The rest of us were mere mortals on street bikes, so we went west to Matlock then south to Elma.  Another stop at a store, then Turbo Dave Linden went back north while three amigos named Dude, Dan and Charlie turned sort of an easterly direction and began exploring any and all roads that looked interesting.  Some went places, and some did not.  After a while Dude decided he needed a more direct route home, so it was down to Dan and I heading to Napavine and then east on State Hwy 508 to Morton, and then north on 7 to Elbe.  More back roads from there to home made the ride from my driveway back to my driveway last 12-1/2 hrs.  It was a very nice day for a ride, and once again I want to thank Looper for putting it together.
  So, without further ado, I present to you the link to the Photobucket album.