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The other day i headed out for a ride and after i left the house I saw my tire pressures were 36 ft and 38 rear. By the time i made it to a gas station to pump them up i was at 39 ft and 40 rear. So i over filled them and figured i let some air out once they warmed up fully. Then got thinking I don't know or didn't remember what the hot tire pressure would be on a 85* day after the tires have warmed up. :??:  Anyone know off hand what the warmed up temps would be at say, on a 75, 80, 85, 90 or 95 degree day? Thanks :) :beerchug: :beerchug: 


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
I set 42 psi at cold. Throughout the year that "cold" varies from 5C (41F) to 30C (86F).
Out on a ride, once I get the tyres fully "warmed up" that rises to 44 or 45 psi on the dash.
So, if I were you I'd top up fully warmed tyres to 45psi, and then ride it for a mile or 2 and see what the dash shows.
If it's close to 45 psi yer good.  :great:
If it's well over 45 psi then let some out.


I seldom add air when the tires re hot. 
  Normally add air before a ride.
That said; In Houston, Cold is normally about 90-100*.

I set mine at 40 PSIG cold.
    Riding, the temp goes up to about 42.

Ride safe, Ted

C 14

Mini Bike
Forum Subscriber
If I have to ride somewhere to get air, I check the tires cold, and see how many pounds I need. I then ride to where I am getting air, and put the required air in. If the tire is at 39 psi cold, I add 3 pounds once I get to the station. So, if it reads 40 psi at the station, I fill it to 43 psi. It works well. It is generally spot on 42 psi the next morning after it has sat overnight.

I rarely have to do that though since I have multiple means with which to add air in the garage. I have done it on trips though, when I don't want to use the mini compressor.


3-5 psi above the cold pressure.

If you do add air while the tires are hots, I'd highly recommend rechecking the pressures later on once they are cold and adjust appropriately.


never tried it on my bike, but sun v. shade apparently affects tires more than I thought on a car... had my tires 36# all around, then notice that the sunny side (sitting for several hours) went to about 37-38# while the shaded side dropped a tad to about 34#... was wondering why the car pulled a tad to one side as i left the house, but then evened out within 5-10 miles...

On the bike, I usually check in the shop before the ride -- but only about once a week...


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
Kawasaki C14 recommends 42/42 front rear cold. I always check my pressures every day on trips and before a day trip. The dash PSI reading I feel is off 2 PSI because I have a very accurate pressure gauge and the dash always shows 2-3 PSI higher than what my pressure gauge shows. So at 42 PSI on the gauge I will see 44-45 front and rear when the tires heat up.


I have a new MotionPro digital gauge that's supposed to be accurate to 0.6psi. I just put Road 5GT's on the bike too. I check the pressure about once a week, front and rear at 42psi. While out riding for a few hours 75 deg weather on backroads and some highway the pressure usually goes up 2-3psi. I'm sure some other riders could probably make them go a little higher with different tires and more aggressive riding. Bottom line check your tires when they are at ambient temp with a good gauge.