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What's old is new again

Steve in sunny Fla

Iron Butt
Industry Vendor
  Of late I've been exposed to a different kind of concours owner; one who is more interested in raw power and dyno charts as opposed to things like enhanced deceleration qualities. I have been pushed on the quest for deceleration for a long time and that has been completely answered with the Mountain Runner flash. Now for the guys who are all about the power... I dusted off my original flash, raised the redline to 10,500 to satisfy their need for speed, added in deceleration fuel cut and pair valve shut off. Fan temps are also lowered for those who are trying to keep their engines cooler while staging or in traffic.

  I'm going to release it as the "classic" as it's now 3 years old.

  Oh, and I just finished dyno proving it... 152 hp with nothing but a slip on.

  If you're inclined to this type of tune, it will be released in a matter of days.  And since it's a re-release, the price will be very competitive.

  Here's a dyno chart to keep y'all busy. Both charts are the best of 3 runs, and both have an area p slip on. Of course it's comparing a stock tune to Shoodaben engineering's tuning.



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Hiya, Steve,

For the uninitiated and less familiar, would it be possible to request a list of your current available flash mods, and compare/contrast the differences?

I'd like improved throttle smoothness and perceived hp/torque increases, as I've read about for years, but I also like the idea of lowered fan start temps and better mileage, etc.

If I've somehow missed where this info can be found, please excuse my poor searching..  I've just decided I'm tired of procrastinating on getting one of your flashes done,  and I'd like some concise info that will help me to decide which best meets my needs. Thank you, kind guru of the COG!

(09 Connie- CA non-ABS, and bone stock, except for Brembo calipers)
Steve, Pretty impressive.
Your offering a Flash for everyone's individual riding style, not just 1 size Flash fit's all..

But, this ain't fair..
  Now I gotta to wrap my "Old" brain around this "New" kind of plot.
          It has seems to have an accell plot "and" a decell plot?? 
            Don't recall ever seeing one of these before..
                      Arghhh!!!    :mad:

Ride safe, Ted
Vic - Wait a bit til this new / old flash gets posted on my website , and the comparisons will be made there.

  Ted... that's not decel you're seeing. I've already shut the run off at the rev limit, but this seems to me how the new DJ charts  are drawn from the software. BTW, I have all new Winpep 8 equipment, and DJ's latest stack and a/f ratio meter. Steve
Ahh sooooo…  :-[

I thought you had found a way to record the decell {braking} effect of your Flash, and I was trying to figure out how to interpret it..

I feel better now..

Ride safe, Ted

PS: Congrats on the new toys...