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Whoop & Holler ride 2022


My first time organizing a ride. July 30th, traditionally hotter than HE double hockey sticks but with the weather this year who knows. The museum is straight out of Ripley's Believe it or Not. Ride up to the top of the world where the really big windmills swoosh through the air and experience pioneer days at the museum. If it is really hot we will come back early and sit in the shade at my house with a cool one and watch the boats go around in a circle on the river.

New route plan for this ride! Had to go to Goldendale for "work" and rode back on Bickleton Hiway. Very nice road with some 15 & 20 mph switchbacks. Goes down into and back out of a canyon, (apparently Badger Gultch) before landing you back in Bickleton. Also some pretty nice curves and outstanding views from Bickleton down to Mabton. Was a full 10 degrees cooler up top than down in the valley so that's a bonus also.
Zero Semi's and very little traffic. Sure would like to see some folks from Portland or Tri Cities sign up.
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I don't think I can edit my above map link ^^^ since my post is old; but Rufus' additional ride routing (first post has been changed) makes my map out of date.