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wow.. this is interesting..

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I never realized the feedback thing was moderated, and need to be so..
very disconcerting, and out of the norm for a review..

so I'll post it here, and see if it get's preened.. hopefully not,

copy clip of post:

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I'm a hard nut to crack. You that know me, and for those that have no clues, can just believe it.

First impression;
after all I just did, to prep my bike from it's "sitting" state, to "ready to ride across the USA".. I was really un impressed when I started the bike, and left the driveway. I've known Steve for many years, moreso than most people here on site.. I share with him, he shares with me... I trust him; most of all, I TRUST him..  soooo... It started, fell into perfect idle mode, (I'm thinking "meh") and I was riding. Didn't press it hard, as I m in an area that prevents "gettin crazy" right from the driveway.. so, roll a while, and find the bike mildly pleasing; (again, meh..) mind you, I didn't mess with anything related to throttle, or such.. it was "perfect" as it was last ride.. went to play ADV Tag, and the route to the grab was one I have ridden many times before.. and en-route, began "testing" the throttle roll on, in gears I never would have tried to "roll" on up.. (meh.. but....).. hmmmmmmmmm I'm kinda liking this.. don't have to kick down a gear.. so, to test, I click UP a gear... and rollon again... OK.. I'm getting it... mind you I'm on roads with a 45 limit.. and in fifth, rolling the throttle, and..... seeeing the "real" thing.. ..so hell.. kick it down 2 and crank it.......(I'm not allowed to use the word I uttered..) lets just say Ralphie got to suck on a bar of Lifeboy soap, when he said it... now, into the "remote zone" or as I call it my "testing grounds", up/down/twisty roads, rated at 25-40 mph.. and very sketchy pavement.. ok... now I'm running in a gear higher, or even 2 higher, than I would have, doing severe uphill twists, without any possible "lag", or even need to downshift.... but, the dork in me says "kick it down, and ride it like you used to"--------, well.... let's just say, the turns like I was crawling on before,(and still dusting my pals if I was up front, or on their arse, flashing my lights ) are now being done while the front wheel is coming off the ground, and are very enjoyable (albeit scary as hell) , even on a 700# bike.. OMG.. now I'm having fun.. BUT.. I'm scared and clinching butt cheeks now.. and I do not, scare easily... down the road a bit more, and some "more" various gear "roll on's", between 40-100 mph, in various gears, and always trying to find a 'bog point".. I am very pizzed... I simply could NOT find a Bog point..  (are you getting this yet? I'm hoping this relates to some longtime rider's experiences..)  all in all, and I will admit I never even came close to my old "redline", in any gear, and this flash pushed my redline up another 500rpm.. I have to get on a freeway "slab" and "see" the final, which I can only believe will be "karma"..
50 mile loop, never got over 9k rpm (front wheel lofted many, MANY times, and I never loft a wheel), curves, de-cell, a gear higher all the time simply because it WILL pull (but I always downshift on downhills, I want my rpm to "work", and IT DOES)..

man oh man... "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner..." simply amazing.

On a remote road, with nobody on it, rolling along at 50 mph, in 5th gear, all I can say is when I pegged it, and had to shut the throttle off before reaching redline (not even close).. I was ... FLOORED.

Semper Fi Bro, you did well..
I wish I could find some of those Face Book wannabees, up at the national rally, bring them to the nearest drag strip.. and THROW DOWN THE MONEY..

to add, reset mode on instruments, and in the driveway, when I returned home, even after all the abuse I gave it... showed 41.5 mpg.. and last ride I had prior, was significantly less on accumulation.. I expect to see 50 mpg in my trip to the nationals, which would top my highest ever seen, on my '08.
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