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2020 Wisconsin Event Dates at a Glance


Well according to my calendar, historically speaking, I get a motorcycle out for the 1st time about 1 month from now. Normally, snow is still on ground, and  just a gas run. Because the riding season is getting closer, I  wanted to throw out the 2020 Wisconsin Events that will be happening. Thought it might help to do a little vacation planning.
Dates are as follows:
-May 2nd , Tech Session Reedsburg, WI. Hosted by Jerry Hollendyke. Gonna be  tire plugging emphasis.
-July 10th-12th, Gathering on the Green, Soldiers Grove. Camping/riding, hosted by Dave McClurg with his side kick Jake on the grill.
-July 25th, RTE to Smiling Moose Saloon, Osmon,WI.Hosted by Kim. New destination, serving BBB's(Beer Belly Burgers, 1/2# beef, topped with 1/4# brat patty, with all the fixin's)
-August 8th, Baraboo Hills Ride, hosted by Dave McClurg. Fantastic ride, be ready to do some "scootin"
-August 22nd, RTE to Bucknuckles, Pragg,WI. Hosted by Kim. New destination
-October 9th-11th, HFRO hosted by Dave McClurg
I will get the events and details on the calendar as we get a little closer.

In addition, do not forget these close proximity events:
April 18th, Gary Hasert's Tech Session,Bloomington, MN
April 23rd-26th, Horseshoe Mountain Rendevous, Greenbrier, Arkansas
May 2nd, Minnesota Spring Ride,Stillwater, MN a very good day of riding, camaraderie, and lunch
June, National in Vancouver, WA
September 17th-20th Spider Ride, Steeleville, MO

Have a safe 2020 riding season