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2andBlue steps up for the CDA and COG


Staff member
CDA current and future members, we just want to offer a quick introduction to "2andBlue". He will be serving as a Mod/Ambassador/Support Host here in Connie Droppers Anonymous. He will be issuing many of the new CDA #s as needed.

A big thanks to 2andBlue for stepping up.
Fellow COGGERS - As seen with my recent submission, not only will I help to inaugurate and recognize members of this distinguished group, I am a full fledged member!

Same weekend I offered to help with CDA I dropped my machine (coincidence I hope).

Thank You for the intro - Will it be you who drops next ⁉️ or if you have already dropped but not submitted - bare all and join the group!
I’ll tempt Murph’s law and risk thinking about dropping the bike to thank you for stepping forward to help COG.(y)
Well done!

While we're here, where do I go to admit my sin?
(I need another CDA number)

Ride safe, Ted

Rules of the game only one CDA # per member - however you can tell your story of dropping your Connie or another motorcycle right in this forum just start a new post. Hope all is ok?!