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Audiovox cruise control wanted


Forum Subscriber
Hi Guys&Gals,
I'm looking for an Audiovox ccs-100 cruise control for my GTR1000 (Concours C10) in the UK. It seems that Vox electronics have discontinued this product and Murphs don't list it anymore.

If anyone has a new or used ccs-100 I'd be interested in buying it.



Have one on a non running parts bike. Pretty sure it is a ccs 100. PM me with contact info if interested.


Street Cruiser
Forum Subscriber
These are virtually the same. You need to buy or make a small vac tank with a check valve in the line to the carbs.



Would think any universal kit for automotive would work as well. In days before factory installed I used universal kits on all my cars. Motorcycle should be same save for space considerations.